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Putting details in the right places

Details around what you’ve experienced can be really epic when it comes to giving your readers unique insight. On the other hand, too many specific details around certain tough times like trauma, suicide, self harm etc. can have the potential to be tricky for yourself to relive, and your readers to hear. 

Numbers Numbers Numbers

Including numbers/quantities when talking about different experiences in your story like eating disorders, panic attacks etc. can cause comparisons between the reader and your story. We encourage you to instead use less specific language like ‘regular’, ‘frequent’ etc. 

Discouraging unhealthy behaviour

Someone reading your story could start to engage in negative or unhealthy behaviours (smoking, unsafe sex, taking drugs etc.), if they are encouraged by you as helpful or appealing. Instead, try to focus on the negative impact these unhealthy behaviours had on your life, but most importantly what helped you engage in healthier behaviour! 

Being self aware

You’re doing amazing things by sharing about your tough times to help others, BUT don’t forget to look out for yourself through this process too. Take some time to reflect as you create your story, and check in with yourself. We encourage you to take a breather, and check in with your support network to have a chat. 

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